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Clay by Rae B. Lake

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Clay: A Wings of Diablo MC Novel 

Series: Wings of Diablo – New Orleans Chapter Book 7

Author: Rae B. Lake

Release Date: September 30, 2022

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My patch brothers left me to rot in the hands of our enemy. They didn’t bother to make sure I was dead before they buried an empty box in remembrance of me. 

I’ve been tortured, brainwashed, and broken in every way possible by René. He’s intending to turn me into an animal. A primal beast, his to command.

When a routine prison transfer turns into an escape opportunity, I take it.

I run until I can’t anymore. 

My body finally gives out on a large farm and when I wake, there’s a beautiful woman standing over me. 

She runs and like the animal I am, I capture her. 

I can’t trust her to keep me being here a secret, I can’t trust anything but my instincts. 

Now with the fear of being captured weighing heavy on my mind, I have to decide if I can go back to the life I once had or if I’m going to complete the mission René groomed me for, getting rid of my so called brothers once and for all. 

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