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9/18 September #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Tears & Guitars


Tears & Guitars

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SERIES: Black Industries 



Saying goodbye to someone who owns your heart is the hardest thing anyone has to do. Watching them fade in front of your eyes destroys you. That is exactly what I have to do. My life turned upside down when I received the letter, the one that let me know he was thinking of me and the after without him.

Now I am here signing papers months after I lost the love of my life, trying my hardest not to fade away myself. Wanting to make him proud, wanting to not let his last wish be for nothing. I promise love, I will give this my all.


People think my life, Our life.. Is glamorous and full of women and money and rock and roll. That is not the case at all. My life while I am happy on the outside, not everything is as it seems. I have kept hidden secrets from the world and from my family. That is until the root of my nightmare walks back into my life like nothing happened.
When Black Industries signs their first country singer, it stirs up not only the company but also Twisted Black, the rising rock gods and the world most eligible men. Secrets and pain is revealed.

They were never meant to fall in love, and yet love finds them even if they weren’t ready for it.

Trigger warning: Sexual abuse, Death of a spouse, graphic scenes, lots of steam!
This is a reverse harem where the MFC does not have to choose between one love interest.

                                                        Next Up is John Thurlow


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