New Release

Shield My Heart by C.N. Marie

 ★.•°`☆ NEW RELEASE ☆`°•.★

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➜ Shield My Heart (Book #8 in the Stargazing series) by @C.N. Marie
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.•°`☆ About the Book ☆`°•.

Shield My Heart is book #8 of the Stargazing series, a 12-book series of standalones.

I finally made it.
Prime time. My name in stars.
It’s been hard work, but I’m ready to reap the rewards that come with it.
That is, until one tiny piece of paper arrives and throws my world into turmoil.
I should have known the epic highs would come with just as epic lows.
But I wasn’t ready for the reality of that.
All I can do now, is cross my fingers that the trust in my best friend is enough. That the guy she believes in is ready, this time.

It should have been me.
That’s not just me being self-depreciating, that’s what I signed up for.
But I failed. My sister.
And now, her best friend has called for my help.
Clearly, she has more faith in me than I do right now.
A second chance, the opportunity to do better.
But will my instant attraction to the woman in question cause history to repeat itself?
I’ve been warned you should never mix business with pleasure. But would it really be so bad?
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