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9/23 September #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Roark


Roark: The Dragons of Thunderbird Mountains

Buy for $4.99


Dragons are real. They live among us in secret. It could be your neighbor, your boss, or your best friend, and you would never know.

Cameron loves his life on the road. As a truck driver in Canada’s north, he sees majestic mountains, lush valleys and waterfalls that fall hundreds of feet. He couldn’t be happier. Until one day, his rig breaks down in the middle of nowhere and a creature out of mythology comes to his rescue, opening up a world he never knew existed.

A world in which Roark, the High King of the dragons, chooses him for his consort. Or does he?

Heartbroken, Cameron flees from Thunderbird Mountain. He can run, but he can’t hide and must decide if dragons can be a part of his future or not.

This book contains the mention of emotional abuse and trauma, along with sexy dragons, happy endings and an egg, which hatches an adorable baby dragon.

                                                        Next Up is Rebecca and Victoria Heap


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