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10/2 October #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Unshaken (HellNight Academy Book 1)



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I was supposed to be a Light Guardian.

My whole life was mapped out, and I was going to proudly follow my ancestor’s footsteps. So why did the Angels reject me? I trained for years to become one of the Elite in the Angels fight against the forces of evil. When the time came for me to attend Caelum Academy, my invitation never came. With my dreams in ashes, I was ready to give up, go out on my own, and walk away from my family for good.

A knock upon my door changed everything, and this is when my story truly begins.

An invitation to be admitted to HellNight Academy, the most prestigious supernatural Academy in the world. Shrouded in secrecy and well-known for creating the worst of the worst. It can’t possibly be that bad, right? Suddenly I am exposed to a world of darkness and chaos. And nothing is what it seems.

I discover I’m more powerful than I thought, and my magic continues to grow. Everyone is watching me, and my list of enemies is a mile long, which includes the Headmistress. Of course, I have the added complication of finding my Soul tethers. My crazy band of lovers are bound to me whether they like it or not. My world is spiraling out of control. I refuse to lose myself to this world of madness.

All of my life I thought my path would be the light. I find out my destiny is fated to be something more dark, wicked, and . . . delicious.

Should I fight against it? Or should I give in?

Unshaken is an 18+ Dark Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance. The first book in the HellNight Academy series. Trigger warnings inside.

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