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10/6 October #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Dark Empire series


Dark Empire

Series: Dark Empire – 5 books, the series is complete

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A sinister dark web niche for bored rich people with a depraved need to watch sexual decadences have put their money into a project to give them just that—high-end entertainment with lots of violence and lots of sex. The gladiators have three things in common: They’ve been kidnapped, pumped full of drugs to enhance their strength and stamina, and nobody would ever miss them. Except Duncan, who ended up strapped to a lab table as a result of mixed identities.                    

Excerpt – link to the entire 1st chapter 

                                                        Next Up is Amanda Steel


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10/6Meraki P. DarkDark Empire series (it’s relaunched with new covers)
10/7Amanda SteelThe Moons Gift: Volume 2
10/8Roelle DenningBurned: The Galeia Family book 3
10/9Jenna GalickiStreet of Dreams
10/10Emmaleigh LoaderThe Last Time You Break Me
10/11Diana MarikVeil of Orion
10/12Rhaine StormLost Princess
10/13Holly OliverThe Awakening of Magic
10/14Rauquel RileyCurious Relations
10/15Becky FladeYesterday’s Over ( book 3 Philly Heat Series)
10/16Gigi RiversNaiad’s Kiss
10/17Patricia BatesThe Mistaken Groom
10/18Talia VinesDarkWeb
10/19Holly DayA Vampire Chew Toy
10/20Andra DillA Measure of Happiness
10/21Natalina ReisSleeping Love
10/22Faye HallLust & Chastity
10/23Lisa BonhamExplorations
10/24Maggie CarpenterThe Gunslinger’s Daughter
10/25Lynn MichaelsA midnight Hunt Renuion
10/26Charlotte BriceCharms and Chocolate
10/27YD La MarMarked for Execution
10/28Lawrence HallMarked by Shadows
10/29Ivy PennMarked and Ruined
10/30Michelle MillerMarked with Humanity
10/31Jade RoyalMarked for Redemption

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