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EXCERPT REVEAL : Habit by Ginger Scott


Take a peek inside 𝐇𝐚𝐛𝐢𝐭 by Ginger Scott, coming October 27th! This is a Mature YA opposites attract, friends-to-lovers, forbidden romance that you won’t want to miss! Pre-order today!

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“Are they still looking?” I ask.

His smile grows deeper into his cheeks just before his tongue tastes the center of his lips. My focus is locked onto his face, every nuance of his expression from the creases caused by his smile and the flutter of his dark lashes as his gaze tracks our audience.

“Oh yeah.” His words come out with a hint of arrogance and pride, and as his attention moves back to my face, his tongue takes another pass at his now parted lips. Without my permission, my tongue does the same, my lips numb from the fantasy of him grabbing my head and drawing me toward him for a kiss.

“How far do you think we should take this?” That’s how my question comes out, but what I mean is how far are you willing to take this.

About the book: Morgan Bentley is good at getting attention, except from those she wants it from most. The 18-year-old daughter of one of Boston’s wealthiest business moguls, she’s been trending and influencing since the day she was born. And for a while, the privilege and ease that came along with fame was enough. But as Morgan grew up, being thought of as the pretty face who told the masses what to wear and where to be seen wasn’t what she really wanted out of life. She wanted to be taken seriously. From the public, and more importantly, from her father. James Fuentes might be the most talented quarterback to ever throw on the Welles Academy field. His dad, the new Welles head coach, is counting on it–both to shut up the inevitable critics accusing him of playing his son over the competition and to ensure James gets into one of the best business colleges in the country. While the gridiron comes easy to James, though, the classroom is another story. And his big business dreams are riding on his football talent to get his foot in an Ivy League door. All he needs is a winning season and grades that are good enough. James has always had a problem with distractions, however, and Morgan Bently is the most tempting of all. Confident, beautiful, curvy and the literal object of every guy on campus’ fantasies, Morgan is impossible to ignore. What starts as innocent flirtation and a crush grows into the only meaningful relationship either of them has. And before they realize it, feelings are involved. But being the center of attention–and gossip–comes with risk. Morgan knows this better than anyone. Reputation is everything at Welles Academy, and rumors have a way of taking people down. Even the truest of loves might not stand a chance when whispers start to circle. But what good is all that fame and power if you can’t use it to satisfy your own heart when it’s on the verge of breaking?

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