TEASER SHARE: Wheeler by Colleen Charles

 Wheeler by Colleen Charles releases on October 25th!

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Throughout my time as an elite hockey player, I’ve had a few hookups.But there’s only one I can’t get out of my mind.Stella left me high and dry in Costa Rica with a bruised ego and a broken heart after a single perfect day.I wish I’d ignored all the rules with her. I wish I’d made her mine in every way that mattered.Instead, I pushed her out of my mind, buckled down and became the team captain of the Vegas Venom, leading them to their first Stanley Cup.But all of the accomplishments in the world can’t stop her memory from haunting me.And when she breezes back to Vegas for a photo shoot where I’m her model–her…uhh…nude model–and doesn’t seem to remember me, my heart drops.So I give her the best deep freeze I can muster while I build bigger walls around my heart.Then she starts chipping away at my hard exterior. In order to let her in, I’ll have to trust her.And I’m not sure I could survive it if she left me again…

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