Book Announcement, Cover Reveal

COVER REVEAL – Knight Mafia Trilogy by Violet Paige

Knight Mafia Trilogy
Author: Violet Paige
Genre: Mafia Romance
Cover Design: ReddHott Covers

Releasing October 20

I’m always one decision away from becoming the devil.

The Martin family is the enemy.
Only I’m not supposed to love their princess.
We live in a cruel world created by our fathers.
A world that wants to keep us apart.
I want to protect Kennedy and defend her in the war brewing between our families.

But now, too many years have gone by.
The reins of power have passed to me.
I’m the king of this city and there’s only thing standing in my way.

She’s not the girl she used to be.
Emboldened with power and vengeance, she wants to rule the empire.
The woman is more gorgeous than ever.
The ruthless world has opened her eyes and she sees me as the threat I’ve become—

Her Enemy.



Releasing November 3

I’ve lost her again.

The ghosts still haunt us
But I no longer have my father to blame.
I destroyed our second chance.
Greed, power and deceit pushed away the only woman I’ve ever loved.


Falling in love with her was never the mistake.
Losing her costs me everything.

I’ll do whatever it takes to prove that together we can rule the city.
It can be our empire.
It doesn’t matter if they are her sins or mine,
I’ll bargain with my soul to get her back.

New Orleans will be ours and Kennedy will be mine.

Releasing November 17

Kennedy and I know what we want.

New Orleans should be ours.
But with more enemies than allies,
The walls are closing in.
We could lose everything if the families unite against us.

There’s only one way out.
One way to hold on to what we’ve built.
But we may have to shatter and break to survive.
A love like this can destroy even the wildest dreams.


USA Today Bestselling author, Violet Paige, lives in North Carolina and would rather be by the water than anywhere else, maybe it’s because she’s from OBX, yes that OBX. Writing full-time, mom’ing full time and taking any stray dog that walks by the porch keeps her inspired, busy and mostly exhausted, let’s be honest. She writes hot, edgy and angsty romances with strong heroines and fierce loves.


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