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Genre: Psychological Thrillers

Caught between brothers. Both are handsome, seductive, dangerous. One will love her forever. The other wants her dead.

But which is which?

The FBI said it’d be dangerous. If I helped them put Mark Donahue in prison, they’d get my brother out. Mark is a criminal mastermind, so cagey and brilliant the FBI can’t touch him.

I’m the one person who could bring him to his knees.

He’s got everything— good looks, a vast tech empire, and more money than a small country. But behind closed doors, he wants me to use a dead woman’s soaps, be tied in her straps, answer to her name. It’s a twisted game … and I’m scared of how much I want to play.

Get in, get out, save my brother, protect myself. And I’ve got to be fast, because Mark’s brother suspects I’m up to no good… and he’ll go to any lengths to uncover my secrets. *Mistaken Identity *Caught Between Brothers 


Tribecca smiled as if we were old friends. “This is why we need you.”

The image on the screen flickered. A much younger, happier Mark Donahue stood in front of a light bulb-lined marquee that read “CHAPEL OF LOVE,” his arm around a woman in a white mini-dress, a birdcage veil in her dark hair.


No one at the table asked if I knew her. That would have been a grotesque joke.

The bride in the photo looked exactly like me.

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