Cover Reveal

Surprise Cover Reveal from M.T. Morgan

 As her past and present collide, she can’t tell what’s the truth and what’s a lie. 


Surprise! We Dance in Sin, an all-new all-consuming dark college standalone romance from bestselling author M.T. Morgan is coming October 29th, and we have your first look at the delicious cover! 

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Brixley Archer has always had a taste for danger. Allured by the darkness she can’t escape that lingers deep in the back of her mind.  

She’s spent most of her life hustling, striving for more than the poverty she’s always known.  

So when she gets accepted into one of the most selective colleges in the country, she thinks this is her fresh start.  

Buried in the dense forests of Washington, she finds that darkness follows. A campus serial killer on the loose, and an elite group that seems responsible for the deaths of the students. She knows she should mind her own business, keep her head down and concentrate on her schoolwork, but when Beckett Cutler—the group leader—sets his sights on her, she can’t help but feel this is her way in to prove the group is responsible.  

But as revelations are made, her morals are questioned.  

Her heart is on the line.  

And secrets are revealed that leave her questioning everything she knows.  


As her past and present collide, she can’t tell what’s the truth and what’s a lie. 

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