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10/20 October #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Hearts Desire


Hearts Desire

Kindle Price: $2.99

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Print Length: 128

Genre: Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

As an immortal hiding among mortals, Terpsichore has reinvented herself countless times. In her current incarnation as Bliss, danseuse étoile at the famed Paris Opera Ballet, she’s living out her dreams. That is until her father, Zeus, stirs from his rest on Mt. Olympus and decides to meddle in her life.

Hoping to avoid a clash with Zeus, she crosses the Atlantic to spend a quiet, drama-free month teaching ballet alongside her many, many times great-granddaughter.

Life in Iowa is anything but quiet. The workshop students (and their parents) want a recital. A simple recital morphs into a full-scale production complete with costumes, set design, and a sexy choreographer. With the arrival of her former lover, Bliss realizes she ran away from one brand of trouble right into another…and this one may break her heart.


I held my breath as Nicco brushed past me. He could have saved himself a few steps going around the other end of the island, but no… he had to come this way.

“Another Pinot Noir?” he asked.

“There’s a Sauvignon Blanc chilling in the refrigerator if anyone wants white,” Matthew said.

Calla lifted her wine glass. “Pinot Noir is fine with me.”

“I left the opener on the island,” Matthew said.

Nicco stood alongside me. “I see it.” He cut the foil and then picked up the wine corkscrew. “You know, they say red wine is for lovers.”

“Do they now?” My tone may have been a tad acerbic.

“They do.” He shifted his stance as he smoothly removed the cork, pressing his thigh and hip against mine.

Sophia jumped a little when I brought down the chef’s knife with a little more force than I’d intended.

A soft chuckle. “I know you prefer champagne,” Nicco whispered, his warm breath tickling my ear. My belly clenched. I was torn between the temptation to turn my face and kiss him or jab him in the ribs.

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