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ILYBSM by Leslie McAdam, JE Birk and Rachel Ember releases December 10th!


ILYBSM by Leslie McAdam, JE Birk and Rachel Ember releases December 10th! with Kindle Unlimited

Everyone has secrets. I’ve kept a few big ones from my two best friends, and I know they’ve both got plenty of their own. After all, Embry and Adam never told me why they stopped talking to each other the night we graduated college. And I’ve never told them that I’m bi—or that I’ve been in love with both of them for years. I’m also definitely not telling them I’ve nearly run my family’s tree farm into the ground and we’re about to go out of business right before Christmas.But when I crash off a ladder hanging up holiday lights, they come running like Santa’s elves. They’re both very grumpy about facing each other again, but I can’t be mad that I’ve finally got my two favorite people in the world in one place. Wait until they find out we’re all sleeping in one bed…At least their feud is put on hold when they discover what a mess I’ve made of my business. Soon the three of us are scrambling to pull off a Christmas miracle together and save my family’s farm. And maybe it’s the magic of the holidays, but now a whole lot of feelings and long-buried truths are coming to the surface—and our long-time friendship is starting to become something much bigger.Will we survive the season? Or are all my dreams about to be crushed this Christmas?ILYBSM is a sweet and steamy contemporary holiday m/m/m polyamorous romance about three former best friends. It stars Jeb, a farmer who’s the hottest mess to ever grow trees in Vermont; Embry, a mechanic who can fix any engine, but not a relationship; and Adam, an uptight graphic designer who irons his sheets. It features truths that slip out after too much eggnog, a demon goat who looks fabulous in a Santa hat, and the chance at an unconventional happy ever after.

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