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10/24 October #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – The Gunslinger’s Daughter


The Gunslinger’s Daughter

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Print Length: 266

Genre: Western Romance

Note: This book was originally published under the title, Claiming Clementine, and has been rewritten in its entirety.)
She can outshoot, outride, and out-hustle any man.
But can she resist the arms of a handsome, muscled cowboy?

On the run from ruthless outlaws, Clementine Cassidy gallops into the town of Fairstone, only to find Ted Lambert runs the livery. He’d been her unwanted self-proclaimed protector growing up. But desperate for her beloved mare to eat and rest, Clementine must accept his help.

She soon learns Fairstone is under the tyrannical rule of two diabolical brothers. In spite of Ted’s warnings to steer clear, Clementine cooks up a devious plan.

Though her reckless scheme works, Ted is furious and makes his displeasure known. But his hot-handed correction ignites a crackling chemistry between them, and when he sweeps her into his arms, she surrenders to his fervent passion.

There’s a dark secret behind the takeover of the town, and the villainous brothers have partners in crime. Now they must seize back control and mete out revenge. With the outlaws already hot on her trail, and ruthless desperados ready to retaliate, the battle has only just begun.  

Can Ted rein in the willful, free-spirited young woman he loves, or will Clementine’s cunning beat the black-hearted bandits?

Scroll up, click the link, and escape into excitement, romance and suspense today.

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