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10/27 October #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Marked for Execution


Marked for Execution

Kindle Price: $4.99

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Print Length: 330

Series: Games of the Underworld

Genre: Dystopian Fiction

Haunted by the fragments of my mind, I found sanctuary in a world without hope or mercy.
Survival was all we could focus on, and it drove us to extremes in the name of saving humanity.
Worse, beneath the panic and fear, something else stirred.
Something I couldn’t run from began changing me in ways I couldn’t explain or understand.
The lost piece refused to find its way back to me.

After an ambush ripped away the comfort of lies, I realized that the only way through this nightmare is forward.
Nothing I do or say will ever turn back the clock, and I’ve had to make my peace with that.
I’ve become an enemy, marked for execution.
Life, or at least what’s left of mine, just got a little more interesting.


The shadows of the underworld call your name.

The rise and fall of empires, the vengeance of leaders

Lost in a game of life and death, mercy becomes obsolete

Survivors are left to destruction in search of hope in desolation.

MARKED FOR EXECUTION is one of fifteen books within the Games of the Underworld shared universe. It is a standalone novel which can be read independently, but to get the full story, it is highly recommended to read all of the books within the series.

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