COVER REVEAL & DUET ANNOUNCEMENT! The Filthy Feck Duet by Serena Akeroyd releases in December!

 COVER REVEAL & DUET ANNOUNCEMENT! The Filthy Feck Duet by Serena Akeroyd releases in December!

 If there ever was a couple that deserved two books… it was them! Their story has been 15 books in the making…  Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs Influencers, sign up to review ➩ https://bit.ly/3gKi1Dy Filthy Lies – Releases December 8Star’s my penguin.She doesn’t know it.She took off. Sure. I’m mad at her. Sure. But that’s her charm.She’s ornery.Difficult.Impossible to love, but I see her BS.And I call her on it.I’ll chase her from the North Pole to Antarctica, this Fecker isn’t about to lose his soul mate. Cover Model: Emilio Alcaraz Photographer: miguelanxofoto  Pre-order ➩ https://bit.ly/3sBEF3OGoodreads ➩ https://bit.ly/3zn8yIN Filthy Truth – Releases December 15 Conor’s my lifeline.He doesn’t know it.I need him to find me.I need him to chase me.I need him to love me.If I haven’t already destroyed what we might have had, he’s crazy enough to take me on.My Fecker.Mine. Cover Model: Kat Zech Photographer: Katie Cadwallader Photography  Pre-order ➩ https://bit.ly/3gOCkzNGoodreads ➩ https://bit.ly/3syoCn9  The FILTHY FECK DUET are the final books in The Five Points’ Mob Collection. Fifteen books you’ve been waiting, and trust me, as impatient as you are, that’s nothing compared to Conor…

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