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10/29 October #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Marked and Ruined


Marked and Ruined

Kindle Price: $4.99

Series: Games of the Underworld

Genre: Dystopian Fiction

How could I have fallen so low?

I was the queen’s shadow, the second highest ranking vampire in clan Disaris. Nothing happened without my knowledge. Kiara was my queen and my twin sister. I would kill for her in an instant.

So when I discovered an assassination attempt by two rival clans, I did what anyone else would for their sister. I took the hit. The assassins missed her but got me. And as I lay bleeding out, I welcomed death, but found life instead.

Spencer Auvrey. The man who found me and got my heart pumping in more ways than one.

Saved by a human. I owe him my life, but letting him join me on my quest for vengeance will ultimately ruin him.

Who knew falling so low could leave me feeling so high?

– EXCERPT: Spencer

“Spence!” Waylon ran after me. “Wait up!”


“You all right, man? You seem really off.”

I stopped walking and scrubbed my hands down my face. “You ever see something in your dreams and then see it for real?”

“Yeah.” He lifted his shoulder in a shrug. “Happens to all of us.”

“I know her.”

He thumbed back towards the cave. “Humpty Dumpty?”

“Yeah.” I nodded and closed my eyes. “I’ve been seeing her in my dreams since I was a kid.”



“So who is she?”

“I don’t know.” I let out a frustrated growl. “I’ve never known her name, or what clan she was from. Just that my dream woman was…”

“Against the rules?”


Waylon laughed, looking up at the sky and then back at me. “Josiah would shit himself if he were still here.”

I joined in his amusement. “You’re right, he would.”

“Look, kid, I haven’t said anything, and neither has anyone else, but after the slaughter, you turned this place around. You done good.”

“Thanks, Way.” I pulled out a cigarette. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“No worries. The Pukleshi are tending to her.” His hand clapped my shoulder. “You know all of us here trust you. We know you wouldn’t do anything to endanger us.”

I covered his hand with mine and nodded. “Thanks, man.”

He walked off to check the guard rotation, and I left Blackmeadow to see if Steve could help my princess.

MARKED AND RUINED is one of fifteen books within the Games of the Underworld shared universe. It is a standalone novel which can be read independently, but to get the full story, it is highly recommended to read all of the books within the series.

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