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10/30 October #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Marked with Humanity


Marked with Humanity

Kindle Price: $4.99

Series: Games of the Underworld

Genre: Dark Fantasy

Dirty little secrets turn into dirty little deeds. He thought to keep me at arm’s length but now, there’s no going back.
The fury of this woman scorned lies with the blood of my enemies

He wants the war to end, he wants to save humanity. He doesn’t know his kind have become pests and are fighting a losing battle.

What he hasn’t realized is the war will never end until I wipe out all the rival clans.
Until then, I will survive to fight another day by any means necessary.

He and his kind need to stay out of my way, or they will all meet their final death; He will meet his final death, by my own hand, after I get what I need from him.

Until then, what’s the harm in having a little fun?

MARKED WITH HUMANITY is one of fifteen books within the Games of the Underworld shared universe. It is a standalone novel which can be read independently, but to get the full story, it is highly recommended to read all of the books within the series.

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