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MASQUERADE (Prodigy Series #1) by Aria Wyatt

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Prodigy Series – Book One

by Aria Wyatt

Release Blitz

Release Date: November 2, 2022

Cover Design: Lori Jackson Design
Photo: Jean Woodfin
Model: Daniel Rengering
Genre: Contemporary romance


As a photojournalist, my comfort zone is behind the lens. A disengaged observer. That goes out the window when I’m forced to work with a man who makes my haven feel like a cage.

Garrett Casey is the intoxicating lead of the provocative, new Broadway production I’ve been assigned to cover. As a recovering alcoholic who battles demons even darker than mine, his intensity is a danger to the shell I’ve built around the empty woman inside me. I vow to keep the brutally gorgeous actor at arm’s length, but he immediately pulls me into his orbit. I see myself every time I look into his haunted eyes. The pain he tries so hard to hide draws me closer, making me crave the surrender I shouldn’t want.

Garrett takes a wrecking ball to my fortress, and I lack the power—or the will—to stop him. As my walls crumble around me, I realize he just might be the only man strong enough to put me back together.

When my past threatens to shatter everything we’ve built, the smoke and mirrors I’ve hidden behind are what could finally break me. A lie of omission is still a lie. It will take more than the truth to prove our love is not a masquerade.

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About the Author

Aria Wyatt is a pharmacist mom who spends the inhumane predawn hours with a cup of coffee and her laptop, gleefully indulging in her passion for romance. Her novels range in heat from steamy to scorching, and she doesn’t shy away from writing flawed characters with real life issues.

She resides with her husband and two children in New York’s picturesque Hudson Valley, near the Catskills and iconic Woodstock. The avid reader balances marriage, motherhood, her pharmacist career, and her romance author dream. When not writing, she dabbles in photography, using the natural beauty of the region to her advantage. She’s a self-proclaimed cat lady who cannot live without coffee, chocolate, music, and books.

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