New Release

ICYMI HOT NEW RELEASE: SECOND BITE: A Holiday Novella by S.J. Tilly 🍪


SECOND BITE by S.J. Tilly is LIVE! Don’t miss this spicy Holiday Novella!

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When a holiday baking competition goes incredibly wrong. Or right…

Michael –

I’m starting to think I’ve been doing this for too long. The screaming fans. The constant media attention. The fat paychecks. None of it brings me the happiness I yearn for.

Yet here I am. Another year. Another holiday special. Another Christmas spent alone in a hotel room.

But then the lights go up. And I see her.

Alice –

It’s an honor to be a contestant, I know that. But right now it feels a little like punishment. Because any second Chef Michael Kesso, the man I’ve been in love with for years, the man who doesn’t even know I exist, is going to walk onto the set, and it will be a miracle if I don’t pass out at the sight of him.

But the time for doubts is over. Because Second Bite is about to start – “in three… two… one…”

Read more books by S.J. Tilly here: 

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