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RELEASE BLITZ – Her Heartless Savior by R.G. Angel

Title: Her Heartless Savior
Series: The Syndicates #2
Author: R.G. Angel
Genre: Mafia Romance
Release Date: November 14, 2022


Sometimes being in the wrong place at the wrong time leads you exactly where you’re needed most…

Turns out, the rumors about my ruthless boss were true. He’s mafia.
And I just witnessed something that could ruin his life…and mine. So, imagine my surprise when instead of killing me, he kidnaps me.
Now, I’m on a secluded island with a man who should terrify me.
But he doesn’t.
Because he’s different here. Here, I see a man so beautifully broken I’m starting to feel things I know I shouldn’t.
He stole my freedom… I can’t let him steal my heart too.

If anyone else had witnessed what she did, they’d be dead.
But when the time came to pull the trigger, I couldn’t do it.
So, I made her my captive.
I know that sharing this place with her, letting her know my dark secrets, gives her too much power—and I can’t afford another weakness. Letting her live threatens everything.
And none of that matters when I see her smile…



Free in Kindle Unlimited



Free in Kindle Unlimited


R.G Angel is a trained lawyer, world traveler, coffee addict, cheese aficionado, avid book reviewer and blogger.

She considers herself as an ‘Eclectic romantic’ and wants to write romance in every sub-genre she can think of.

When she is not busy doing all her lawyerly mayhem, and because she is living in rainy Britain, she mostly enjoys indoor activities such as reading, watching TV, playing with her crazy puppies and writing stories she hopes will make you dream.



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