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A Little Double Wedding by Stella Moore and Golden Angel is now live!


A Little Double Wedding by Stella Moore and Golden Angel is now live!Universal: it #free with a #kindleunlimited subscription!!Double the brides. Double the Daddies. Double the Rawhide shenanigans!It’s the wedding of the year for Rawhide Ranch! Hayleigh is finally marrying stern, grumpy Chef Connor. And two of their closest friends, Saul and Vicky, will be joining them at the altar.Double the brides means double the nerves. For Hayleigh and Vicky, that also means double the chances to end up over their Daddies knees when their worries get the best of them. Even with their bottoms sore and aching, they struggle to believe everything will work out.So when a snowstorm grounds some of their most important guests, it seems like their worst fears are coming true, and their big day is destined for disaster.But with the help of their Daddies, their friends, and a little bit of Ranch magic, they’ll discover that the real secret to a perfect wedding is the person waiting for you at the end of the aisle…#releaseblitz #releaseblast #releaseday #bookbirthday #booklaunch #newbooks #nowlive #rawhideranch #ddlgromance #ddlg #ageplay #romancenovels #romancebooks #alittledoublewedding #steamyreads #kissingbooks #booklovers #readers #reading #books #bookish #booksbooksbooks 

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