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Misha Blake’s Dangerous Desire is a hot, emotion-packed, suspense-charged, contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World.


Dangerous DesireFormer Navy SEAL Reece Cohen is a haunted man.

Twenty years and his parents’ deaths still torment him. The more justice he gets for others as an operator for D Corps, the less he feels he’ll get his own. His closure is almost forgotten. All until he finally catches a break. What he does not anticipate is that said lead is a breathtakingly feisty detective who not only kisses him without warning but also gives him the best night of his life.

Hadley Novak is no stranger to the battlefield.

Nor is she a stranger to loss. Former Army Ranger turned detective’s sense of justice and compulsive thirst for digging up the truth frequently gets her into trouble. After her engagement fails, kissing the mysterious, brooding, and rugged man in the spur of the moment is not something she expects. Surely kissing a stranger should be inconsequential even if said stranger is hot as blazes and makes her body croon in more ways than she believes possible.

Their worlds collide, sparks ignite, and everything goes haywire.

What is supposed to be a sole night of passion shifts when Reece learns Hadley’s life is in danger. Forthwith, he decides he’ll do anything to keep her safe, although that includes keeping her away from the demons that will love to rope her into his hell.

Protecting Hadley means Reece must keep her close.

He risks losing his ever-loving mind as he gets tempted to screw it all for another taste.

She is off-limits because she’s been hurt before, and chancing her heart again is off the table.

Their attraction burns red-hot, and desire has never tasted sweeter. But it has never been more dangerous. Especially when a killer lurks in the shadows, ready and waiting for the darkness to settle.

Will Reece be able to keep Hadley safe, or is he damned to lose her?

Everyday Heroes World

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Dangerous Desire by Misha Blake

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Misha Blake invites you to embark on a journey of scorching deep romance with Alpha heroes who know how to treat the women they dare falling for, and heroines who are no damsels in distress but stubbornly crawling their way into the heroes’ hearts.

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