New Release

Two Silent Nights Times Two

OUT NOW: Two Silent Nights Times Two

From USA Today bestselling author, Esther E. Schmidt & Addy Archer comes an all new, standalone biker romance novella. 99c LIMITED TIME! (will switch to $2.99 a few days after release)

Get it here:

Author: : Esther E. Schmidt & Addy Archer
Cover Model: Kevin R Davis
Photographer: JW Photography and Covers / Jean Woodfin
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Release Days: December 20, 2022

Conroy – We’re not quite done with wiping out a rival MC when my son claims an old lady. This puts the woman–along with her sister and nephew–at risk. Taking control of the sister’s situation; I’m confronted with a single mother, one I need to claim at first sight. Especially when the danger we’re both wrapped in collides and entwines.

Odette – Kicked to the curb by my ex, being pulled into his debts, and tangled into a web of danger is not where I expect to be on Christmas Eve. The president of a motorcycle club shows up on my sister’s doorstep and offers me a deal. This stranger–a silver fox, and the father of my sister’s boyfriend–takes charge and surprisingly becomes my rock in the whirlwind my life has turned into.

Can a relationship have potential when it sparks mid-havoc? Will family, brotherhood, and loyalty shatter under pressure or strengthen in hard times?

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