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Defiant Little Love & Dirty Little Secret

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Grab your copy of Dirty Little Secret, the book that kicks off the steamy LSU series TODAY for only #99cents!
Dirty Little Secret is for fans of…
đź’•brothers best friend romance
đź’•forbidden romance
đź’•overprotective big brother
đź’•college romance
đź’•secret hookups
đź’•friends to lovers romance
He’s my brother’s best friend…Which makes him off-limits.That didn’t stop me from falling in love with him.For six years we fought against the waves of desire, but the current kept pushing us toward one another.Then we collided with hurricane force. Our connection… explosive. It felt right, being with Finn. With the first kiss, I gave him my heart. With the first touch, I gave him my body. When I saw the love in his eyes, I handed over my soul.I should have known it was too good to last, though. The next morning, he was gone, and my heart shattered. I left it on his bedroom floor as I did the walk of shame.It’s been nine months since I laid eyes on him.Yes, I’ve been avoiding this moment but I can do this. I can fight my attraction for one day. Even if the moment I see him again, I know that night is going to come rushing back to me, along with the weeks of agony that followed.Because he still owns every piece of me.

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