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Excerpt Reveal Blast: Total Chaos by Nikki Ash

 🎶 Total Chaos Excerpt Reveal 🎶

♬ 𝗧𝗼𝘁𝗮𝗹 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗼𝘀: a friends to lovers, runaway bride, rock star romance by Nikki Ash is releasing January 5th! While we wait, check out this excerpt…
I pour another double shot and am bringing it up to my lips when a feminine voice, one I would recognize anywhere, says, “Drinking alone?”
“Got no one to drink with.”
I swallow down my shot, set the glass on the bar top, and glance at the gorgeous woman occupying the seat next to me. Her naturally blond hair is pulled around to the side in a braid that would make most women look young and childish, but it looks sexy as f*ck on her. With her hair swept up, leaving her face completely visible, the light makeup she’s sporting makes her bright blue eyes pop and her lips look glossy and plump. She smiles softly at me while she removes her jacket, hanging it over her chair and revealing a long-sleeved white shirt that shows off the swells of her breasts, skintight jeans that, if she were to stand, would showcase her toned legs and ass, and those fluffy boots women always wear.
My gaze ascends back to her face, and I notice her eyes are a bit glassy and the area under her eyes a tad swollen, like she’s been crying and did a good job of covering it up.
“You okay?”
Scrunching up her adorable button nose—that, when she’s not wearing makeup, houses a cluster of freckles—she waves me off while she grabs the bottle and pours herself a shot, slinging it back. “How’s Gage?”
Her eyes flit over to me. “Because of you.”
“No, he almost died because of me.”
I reach for the bottle, but she pours the shot for me, then hands me the glass. “You saved his life, Dec.” Her words are soft and matter of fact, but they don’t change the guilt I feel about everything that went down.
“His life never should’ve needed saving in the first place.” I down the shot and slam the glass on the table, glaring at her.
“It wasn’t your fault,” she insists.
“Yeah, it f*cking was.”
🎤 Want to read the full chapter? https://authornikkiash.com/sneak-peek/
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🎧 Audiobook will go live on release day—narrated by Teddy Hamilton and Sarah Puckett!
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