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$2.99 SALE! Binge-listen to a series now in Audiobook: Fated Loves, books 1 – 3 by Zee Irwin!

 $2.99 SALE! Binge-listen to a series now in Audiobook: Fated Loves, books 1 – 3 by Zee Irwin!

 Narrated by Matt Haynes About the Fated Loves Series: Billionaires from Boston, each possessively loyal, are willing to protect their new loves. “Two thumbs up for building chemistry!” “You just want to keep reading so see how these couples get together!” “I couldn’t help rooting for them to the very end.” Daniel has no faith in love. The high-flying billionaire divorce attorney knows from both personal and professional experience that almost all perfect affairs end in expensive disasters. But the way Maddie, the attractive grad student at the pub, sees past his wealth and acknowledges his true self has him totally hooked. When Bronson runs into Cassidy at work, he knows this is his opportunity to shut the door on their past. Everything heads in that direction, but he can’t get her out of his mind. His body craves a future together. If only meddling family and coworkers would stay out of his way over the holidays. Women take one look at Jace, then look away. The rich man’s beastly scars are perfect for work, but not for love. As a detective, he could intimidate the most hardened criminals, hardening his heart as well. But when Lily enters the picture, all he wants is for her to see how soft she makes him feel inside. One thing is certain, with these three Fated Loves couples, there are plenty of steamy nights ahead. Stay on the edge of your seat through twists of fate and mysterious pasts, as paths converge and wind toward happily ever afters. The Fated Loves Audiobook set is on sale for only $2.99 from Chirp! Get your copy today! For samples and more information, go to ➩

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