Pre Order

The Pre-Order of All My Wrongs by @authordiananixon is LIVE! 🖤

 You’ve been waiting for it! 🖤

The Pre-Order of All My Wrongs by @authordiananixon is LIVE! 🖤Not all love stories end in happily ever after. Some crash at the start or never pass the first kiss. And mine? It died with me…For a long time, I’d been dead to everyone except my brother. It wasn’t my choice but a necessity in order to save the girl I loved insanely. I did everything to protect her from the evil of my ugly heritage. And then, I watched her marry a different man. It wasn’t her fault we fell apart. Still, I felt like there was no cure for my torn heart. But one day, I ran into someone I thought I’d never see again. The woman whose laughter had been my lullaby for years. We’d met long before I stepped over the edge of my sanity. And when I’d lost everything and everyone I loved, she blew into my life like a breath of fresh air that I’d been lacking. She loved me unconditionally and shushed the devils that ruined me to the core. The only problem was, I wasn’t worthy of her. For all my wrongs would keep me from becoming the perfection she deserved to have kiss her good night…#books #bookstagrammer #booklover #bookaddict #booknerd #bookworm #bookstagram #smutread #smutreader #darkromancelover #darkromancebooks #diananixon #kuromance #kindleunlimitedromance #romancerecs #romancereadersofinstagram #books2023 #bestbook #mustread #spicybookreccs #sassyreader #hotguy #bookboyfriend #bookboyfrienddoitbest #fictionalboyfriend #fictionalcrush #newbook

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