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Carolina Sky Book 4


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From Amazon Best Selling Author Lynn Michaels

Carolina Sky Book 4

Everything is about to change.

Taken from his vampires, Matthew now has a whole new set of fangs to worry about.
He was back to square one—vampire dinner.

But Tobia and Gwin aren’t giving him up. When Tobia’s maker shows up on the scene, they use him to get to New York quickly in order to save their muse.
He could not stand to lose her, and his heart ached for Matthew. They weren’t complete without him.

Kato, John & Wayne are trying to cope without their singer, but it doesn’t feel right.
“Carolina Sky and Matthew are about something more than being a kick ass band. I just don’t know exactly what that is.”

…And nothing comes out how they planned.

A serialized paranormal Rockstar romance with mythical beings and multiple pairings.

Tags: Rockers looking for fame, forbidden love, vampires are coming, women with fangs, prolific song writing, gay love, bi-sexual love, fighting demons, fighting alcoholism, energy draining performances, jealousy among friends, love triangle, everybody wants the singer  



Available February 7th on #KindleUnlimited

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