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Troubled Boys Bundle by Brina Brady


Troubled Boys Bundle by Brina Brady

Narrated by James Talbot

ON KU and AUDIO US Amazon: International Amazon:

Each book can be purchased separately or in a bundle.

House Arrest Without a Home

Steamy, Age Gap, Hurt and Comfort, Contemporary, Forced Proximity, Destined to Be Together US Links: International Links:

Pre-law student Shawn O’Brien breaks the law and ends up in big trouble, in danger of losing his scholarship and freedom. He needs a new place to live to serve his house arrest sentence or he will go to jail for six months. Successful, District Prosecuting Attorney, Noah Braun has it all: money, friends, and a top career, but he’s at risk of losing it all as he grieves the loss of his husband. His father, Judge Braun finds the perfect lover to save his son. The judge asks Noah to take Shawn into his home to complete his sentence.

All the Dark Lies

Age Gap. Headmaster Dom, Virgin Sub, Lies and Secrets, Light BDSM, and HEA US: International link:

After months of chatting online with the mysterious Charles, Nathan leaves behind his life in a small town in Pennsylvania to move to London for a man he’s never seen. Nathan agrees to be the man’s sub, but he has one big problem. Nathan is a virgin and has only had virtual relationships. When Nathan arrives in London, Charles is nowhere in sight, only a limo driver with mysterious instructions…

Redeeming Jayden

Age Gap, Rogue Artist, German Translator, Haunted Castle, Missing Family, Secrets, Steamy, MM Romance Suspense, HEA, KU US: International:

Twenty-two-year-old artist Jayden finds his entire family is missing. The family attorney sends Jayden out of the country for his protection, straight into a haunted castle with a singing ghost who leaves him lilacs in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the castle also has Harlan Wendell, an affluent, generous, German translator. He hires young Jayden to recreate his family portraits lost in a fire. When events take a dramatic turn and secrets are revealed, can Harlan protect Jayden and their love?

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