Teaser Blast

Teaser Blast: Sinful Vows

 Sinful Vows by Lilian Harris is releasing January 30, 2023!

Preorder today on Amazon!


Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3fC56D4


I never wanted a wife. No one is safe with me. No one is good enough for my daughter. But if I want to rule over the wealthiest crime family in New York City, I only have two weeks to find one.  When Elsie broke into my home, I saw an opportunity, so I forced her into a marriage she didn’t want.  No one crosses me, not even someone as beautiful as Elsie. She may fight me with that smart mouth, but she will obey me-or return to the hell she came from. I told her she was mine for a year. Then she’d be free. But the more I see them together, my daughter and my wife, the more she touches me like I’m worthy, the more I start to wonder, could she be mine? But when war lands at our feet, when her life’s in jeopardy, I realize I was right all along.  No one is safe with a man like me. Least of all her.

#lilianharris #sinfulvows #ContemporaryRomance #DarkRomance #ForcedProximity #Mafia #SingleParent #AlphaHero #HeroineinDanger #Protector #ReluctantHero #Billionaire #TragicPast #EnemiestoLovers

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