Cover Reveal

Cover Reveal – Dirty Billionaires: A Dark Romance Anthology

Sahara Roberts and Dori Pulitano have revealed the cover for Dirty Billionaires: A Dark Romance Anthology!

Releasing May 16, 2023

Taking what they want… these Billionaires don't play by anyone's rules—consequences be damned.
Get ready to be owned, dominated, and consumed by these DARK and DIRTY alpha-hole's…
In a world where money is no object, Dirty Billionaires will test your boundaries by blurring the lines between right and wrong. Living in shades of gray, they exude the right combination of sex and sin to drive you out of your mind with desire.
If you can't handle being spanked or a kinky side that pushes your limits, this anthology may be more than you're ready for. These Billionaires might be rough around the edges, but when they find someone they want—they'll show them exactly what being loved by them means.
Owning them body and soul… forever.
Grab this Dark Romance Anthology including Stories By:
USA Today Bestselling Author Dori Pulitano
USA Today Bestselling Author Sahara Roberts
USA Today Bestselling Author Lux Miller
USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Stephens
Bestselling Author Simone Leigh
Author A.M. Roark
Author A.L. Fenne
Author Ivy Nelson
Author Isabel Jolie
Author Shanjida Nusrath Ali
Author Eve Pendle
Author Finley Brown
Author Sass Green


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Meet the Authors

Dori Pulitano

Sahara Roberts

Lux Miller

Shanjida Nusrath Ali


Finley Brown

A.L.  Fenne

Sass Green


Isabel Jolie

Simone Leigh

Ivy Nelson

A.M. Roark

Amy Stephens

Evie Rose

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