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SALE BLAST : A Deal for Zeylum by Lynnea Lee


He’s an alien mercenary with fangs, claws, and no respect for the law…
A Deal for Zeylum by Lynnea Lee is free to download for a limited time!!Universal:
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Ashe is in trouble with a capital T.As merchandise heading to an intergalactic auction, Ashe’s future looks grim. So when a too-sexy-for-his-own-good alien outlaw solicits her help to break them out of lockup, she jumps on the chance. Ashe only needs to survive long enough with the known criminal to get her end of the bargain: freedom. She trusts the clawed and fanged Tallean warrior to keep her safe, but who will keep her safe from him?A Tallean mercenary claims what he wants, and he wants her!As captain of an infamous mercenary vessel, Zeylum carefully crafts his dastardly reputation with crass words and a brutish exterior. But the little human triggers his need to own and protect, and Zey finds himself bonded to the one female he promised to let free.Will Ashe look past his rough facade and fall for the male beneath? Because now that he’s had a taste of his mate, he will never let her go!Feisty heroine, growly mercenary, and lots of action ahead. HEA guaranteed!
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About Lynnea:Lynnea Lee is a recovered serial monogamist who now lives in her forever home with the man of her dreams. Still hopelessly addicted to the feeling of falling in love she now feeds her habit with a routine prescription of romance novels and rampant imagination. When she is not dreaming up fantastical stories of love, lust and romance, her hobbies include talking to her plants, putting on a full face of makeup to stay home on Saturday nights and hugging her dog longer than is appreciated.Find Lynnea Online:Amazon:

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