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Teaser Blast: Abandoned But Not Alone by Nicole Dykes


Abandoned But Not Alone, the next book in the Spark of Hope series by Nicole Dykes is coming February 13th!

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I’ve always been a helper. Someone who sees the world in a brighter light than others do. Who tries to show everyone there’s good in this world.

So when I meet Henry, I immediately make it my mission to show him how great the world can be if he’ll only accept a little help.

Easier said than done. But I’ve always liked a challenge.


I have no idea why this complete stranger wants to help my daughter and me. But I can’t seem to shake him.

Life hasn’t been kind to us, and I clearly don’t see the world the same way he does. I want what’s best for my daughter, though, and if that means accepting help from Felix, then that might be what I have to do.

No matter what my instincts scream at me.

I’ve been abandoned by everyone in my life, and that’s what I expect now.

But Felix seems determined to make sure I know I’m not alone.

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