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New Release Tour – Valentine’s Day Vandal


Valentine’s Day Vandal

Holiday Pet Sleuth Mysteries

By Annee Jones

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Will Valentina find her locket and maybe even a love of her own this Valentine’s Day? Perhaps Romeo the rescue cat can help!

Valentina De Luca’s matchmaking service is the best in town. However, despite her ability to make successful matches for even the choosiest of clients, finding love for herself is another matter. The antique heart-shaped locket she wears given to her by her grandmother reminds her of the love her grandparents shared and gives her hope of one day finding her own true love.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and Valentina is busy collaborating with Paws-N-Pastries to host a matchmaking event that will double as an adopt-a-thon for homeless animals. In the midst of all the activity, she’s horrified upon realizing her locket is missing. It must have come off at the cat café – except it’s nowhere to be found. Did someone take it? If so, who and why? She has her eye on Caleb Barone, a grumpy – but very handsome – divorce attorney whose colleague signed him for the event as a joke.

Perhaps charming feline newcomer, Romeo, along with Miss Louise and One-Eyed Willie, the two senior residents of the cat café, can help Valentina find her necklace – and maybe even a love of her own – this Valentine’s Day.

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