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Broken Trust (Irish Collar Series Book 1) is available for pre-order. Brina Brady

 Broken Trust (Irish Collar Series Book 1) is available for pre-order. Brina Brady US: International:

Kind Dom

Wounded sub

Light BDSM

Newfound Family

Uncovered Lies

Hurt & Comfort

New Opportunities

Irish Romance

Twenty-two-year-old Brett Dalton awakens to find himself dumped in a cheap hotel with a strange man. During his move from Dublin to Galway, his so-called friend Sean abandons him again to fend for himself. Brett doesn’t know what to do or where to go without transportation. He needs to find a job immediately.

After making a phone call to Master Cleary, the Dom he met at BSDM Camp, Brett starts hitchhiking to Cleary’s Pub for a job. A torrential rainstorm completely washes out the road leading to Galway, but though London born, the luck of the Irish is with Brett and handsome, thirty-year-old Darragh McGregor offers him a ride.

These two don’t know it yet, but they desperately need each other. Brett’s search for a Dom has left him abused and abandoned and Darragh is lonely and longing for a sub. They run into some bumps along the road, including the reappearance of a dangerous acquaintance, but there is nothing they can’t overcome together.

BDSM CAMP by Brina Brady (Prequel to Irish Collar Series) US: International:

This book is a prequel to the upcoming Irish Collar Series. It bridges the Irish Runaway Series and the Irish Collar Series.

Light BDSM Bartender Bouncer Fake DomsReal Dom Friendship 

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