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99c SALE! Cocky Carpenter by Maggie Mundy is on sale for only 99c!

 99c SALE! Cocky Carpenter by Maggie Mundy is on sale for only 99c! This is a worldwide sale and is only for a very limited time!

 “Cocky Carpenter is a romantic, emotional, fun filled read with a touch of suspense and characters who I guarantee you won’t be able to resist falling for.” – The Book Whisperer’s Blog “A book that will definitely have you in your feels.” – Goodreads reviewer US: Cocky Carpenter is also available to read FREE in Kindle Unlimited! Check out all of the Cocky Hero Club releases here ➜ A year in Australia working as a doctor sounds like a great idea to Autumn. She can escape the cold English weather, her ex-husband and a stalker. A year to get her life back together and not have any romantic involvements. ‘Love them and leave them wanting’ is Brett’s motto. That is until he sees Doctor Autumn Blake. This lady just might get through that tough layer he has built around himself. Can the sexual chemistry they feel be just that, or could it be more? Is one year long enough for these two people to forget their pasts and grab onto a chance of love or will they lose it forever.

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