Cover Reveal


 πŸ’ π‚πŽπ•π„π‘ 𝐑𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐀𝐋 πŸ’

UNDRESSED IN THE CREASE by K. Kinley is coming on March 7th! 

We are thrilled to share the cover with you! 



Nick Miller is a legend in the making. The best college hockey goalie in the country and the best looking. He’s known for being a player on and off the ice, but hockey is his only love. That’s why I can’t fall for him. I need to keep my focus on my classes and not on the gorgeously handsome man that keeps popping up in my life and in my bed. I need to prove to all the men I’m just as good of a sports journalist,

not get my heart broken by an athlete. But the sweeter Nick is and the more I get to 

know him, the harder I’m falling.


Lenny Briggs is like no woman I’ve ever been with. The more I get of her, the more I crave her. She’s real, passionate, and just as ambitious as I am. Hockey comes first, it always has and she gets that.I can’t give her anything serious, but when all she wants is to be friends I realize how dumb I’ve been all along. I need her and I’m not letting her go.


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