Sale Blitz

99c SALE! The first season of the Doctors of Eastport General is on sale!

 ❄️ Winter blues? ❄️

 Tired of cold and snow, of grey days?Feeling generally sick of winter? 📁 Look no further, the doctors have the cure! 📁 The first season of the Doctors of Eastport is on sale! Grab these titles today for only 99 cents! Available at this special price for a limited time! Come on in and meet the ER Physicians, Surgeons, Specialists, Residents, and patients that occupy the rooms and halls of the largest hospital on the coast of Rhode Island. We hope you are ready to fall in love with all the sexy stories that take place inside the walls of Eastport General Hospital.Available for only 99 cents or FREE with your KU subscription! Doctor Heartbreak by D.M. Davis Feelgood by Amy Stephens D’s Orderly Affair by CA King Trouble by E.M. Shue Temptation by Syd Ryan Doctors by DC Renee Sexy by TL Mayhew Fix-It by Mel Walker Casanova by Emma Nichole Doctor by Amanda Richardson All Nighter by Adora Crooks Desire by S.L. Sterling Preorder Season 2 us in The Doctors Lounge on Facebook Connected:

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