Cover Reveal

“Broken Deeds MC: Second Generation #8”

COVER REVEAL: Broken Deeds MC: Second Generation #8
from USA Today bestselling author Esther E. Schmidt. Preorder here:

Genre: Standalone, Biker Romance
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Model: Mac Robinson
Photographer: Golden Czermak,
Release Day: March 28, 2023

Ganza – At first it was a challenge to check who our government contact was, but finding out she’s one of the world top hackers, like me? It spurred me on to get close to her, even if I went against my president’s orders. Instead of keeping my distance we became online friends through a shared interest in gaming. This earns me the task to get even closer when evidence lands on our desk that the tiny, curvy woman has gone rogue.

Kessie – Losing the only friend I had left forces me to risk the one thing that ties me to this world; my job. Instead of handing the case involving her murder over to Broken Deeds MC–the motorcycle club I’ve been overseeing as their government contact–I try to take matters into my own hands to gain justice.

When things get personal it’s only human to make mistakes. A slight error can be the difference between life or death, catching criminals or letting them slip through your fingers. Disrupting a solid team can make everything fall apart, unless they change things up and come out stronger instead.

Broken Deeds MC handles cases the government can’t close; they take charge and won’t stop until justice is served. This second generation is a series where each book is a new couple, handling a new case, and can each be read as a complete standalone with a happily ever after.

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