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Buried Secrets (Buried Secrets Series Book 1)


Buried Secrets (Buried Secrets Series Book 1)

Brina Brady

On KU and Audio

Strict and Caring Dom

Insecure sub

Age Gap

Comfort & Hurt

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All books are on KU, paperback, and audios as singles.

When Alek Belanov loses his family at four years old, his Russian mobster uncle raises him. Now, at twenty-two, Alek wants nothing more than to find out who murdered his family and why. After Alek gets out of prison for a crime he didn’t commit, his uncle sends him away to the Gay Protection Society, claiming Alek’s life was in danger.

Sexy Rafe Escobar is the head of the secret Gay Protection Society, and he chooses Alek as his personal charge. Rafe warns Alek that if he breaks security rules, he will discipline him. Alek has some slip-ups here and there, but he adores his protector and wishes to please him in every way. Alek quickly finds his place among the other men who seek shelter and those who guard them.

What was supposed to be a haven becomes a group on the run as security breaches and threats force them to move from town to town. Is Rafe and

Alek’s relationship strong enough to withstand the secrets and deceptions of people trying to destroy them?

While Buried Secrets is a stand-alone book with no cliffhanger, the story will continue with Emilio and Kaden.

Book 2 Taming Emilio US Amazon: International Link:

Book 3 Dante’s Discipline US Link: Universal Link:

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