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THE SWEET SPOT by Rochelle Allison


THE SWEET SPOT (Tanlines Trilogy #1) by Rochelle Allison is LIVE!!! Don’t miss this brilliant  stand-alone romance! 

One-click today!!!


It’s summertime in Santa Cruz, and for Wren Angelos, that means slinging ice cream and counting down the days until college starts. It’s shaping up to be a summer like any other until a casual DNA search finds the man that might be her father.

Luca Cardoso’s entire life is a balancing act. Between studying in California and working in Brazil, he must decide whether to follow his passions or stay on the path his father has laid out for him. But living in limbo is starting to lose its appeal, especially when he meets Wren on the boardwalk and sparks fly.

Wren’s not used to people sticking around. Luca’s always got one foot out the door. Will their trust issues keep them apart, or can they find the sweet spot of love?

Tanlines follows a trio of roommates at UC Santa Cruz as they fall in love, sometimes against their will, with the guys they meet. Each book in the series is a standalone.


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