Excerpt Reveal

Excerpt Reveal: Undressed in the Crease by K. Kinley


UNDRESSED IN THE CREASE by K. Kinley is coming on March 7th! 

We are thrilled to share this excerpt with you! 

“Kiss me first,” I beg.

I’ve never had to ask for a kiss, ever!

Lenny has turned my whole world upside down and I’m turning right along with it. I just need her kiss and then I can get her upstairs.

Lenny leans forward not breaking my intense eye contact, but then moves to the left kissing my jawline.

“Friends don’t kiss.” She whispers in my ear.



Nick Miller is a legend in the making. The best college hockey goalie in the country and the best looking. He’s known for being a player on and off the ice, but hockey is his only love. That’s why I can’t fall for him. I need to keep my focus on my classes and not on the gorgeously handsome man that keeps popping up in my life and in my bed. I need to prove to all the men I’m just as good of a sports journalist,

not get my heart broken by an athlete. But the sweeter Nick is and the more I get to 

know him, the harder I’m falling.


Lenny Briggs is like no woman I’ve ever been with. The more I get of her, the more I crave her. She’s real, passionate, and just as ambitious as I am. Hockey comes first, it always has and she gets that.I can’t give her anything serious, but when all she wants is to be friends I realize how dumb I’ve been all along. I need her and I’m not letting her go.




K. Kinley is a wife, mother and dog mom. Her passions include, crafting, baking and yoga, but since a young girl, reading has always been her own personal escape from reality. Having her baby girl showed her it’s not too late to take risks and do what you love. Stories have always flowed through her head, but now she’s bringing them to life

for others to read.



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