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Made For You by Natasha Madison

 MADE FOR YOU by #NatashaMadison

#1ClickHere #MadeForYouAmazon US: CA: AU: UK: #WallStreetJournal and #USATODAY #bestsellingauthor Natasha Madison comesA brand new #standalone #enemiestolovers grumpy/sunshine #sportsromance.A spin-off from the #OnlyOneSeriesVivienneI did the last thing I ever expected to do. I bought a boat. A beautiful boat that was all mine to spend the summer on.Only thing I was looking forward to was the calm being on the water brought me.A place where I wasn’t a hockey dynasty princess or the only single girl of the family.What I wasn’t looking forward to was the broody man in the boat next to me.XavierI was at the top of my game two years ago.Then it all came crashing down.I hung up my skates and vowed to never play again.I was good at hockey, but hockey was bad for me.I planned to spend my life on my boat with my dog.Alone. Happily alone.Until she came along.

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