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PRE-ORDER! Boss in the Spotlight by Janie Grey releases March 24!

 PRE-ORDER! Boss in the Spotlight by Janie Grey releases March 24!

 Hollywood’s most demanding boss is about to meet his match. Pre-order this billionaire boss romance today! US: Add to your Goodreads TBR ➩, sign up to review ➩ Ajax Doukas – aka Mr. Hotness of the Year – might be an A-list movie star, but he’s also one of the neediest assholes I’ve ever met. And he’s my new boss. He tends to burn through personal assistants as fast as he does the fuel in his fancy cars. Nobody can manage him for more than a week before breaking down, or sleeping with him, or both, but he’s on the verge of signing for a major Hollywood trilogy and it’s no surprise that the producer wants him to clean up his act. That’s where I come in, and there are huge benefits if I can do two things – keep the details of his life on track for the next two months, and stay out of his bed. Should be easy, right? I’m so not his type. He likes them meek and obedient, and I’m anything but. There’s no way he’s luring me anywhere. My impending move to Australia is about to get financed AF, and my fave charity will also get a mega-donation before I leave, so I’ll definitely take a shot at wrangling Mr. Hotness. I just have to keep my head on straight, stay immune to his oddly vulnerable charm and puppy-dog eyes, ignore his zero-filter snark, and reply NO to every wayward suggestion he makes — no matter how much he makes me start wanting to say yes… Boss in the Spotlight is a standalone romance with an HEA. While it’s part of a series, each book is a different couple and can be read on its own. Also available in the Billionaire Boss Series + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited! Boss on the Line to the Rescue’s Boss (short story)

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