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#BRVL Week Author Highlights

 This week we are highlighting Broken Trust (Irish Collar Series Book 1) by Brina Brady & Blood Catalyst by Lynn Michael

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New Release!

Broken Trust (Irish Collar Series Book 1) is available now

Brina Brady US: International:

Kind Dom

Wounded sub

Light BDSD

Newfound Family

Uncovered Lies

Hurt & Comfort

New Opportunities

Irish Romance

Follow Brett’s journey to find a Dom.

Twenty-two-year-old Brett Dalton awakens to find himself dumped in a cheap hotel with a strange man. During his move from Dublin to Galway, his so-called friend Sean abandons him again to fend for himself. Brett doesn’t know what to do or where to go without transportation. He needs to find a job immediately.

After making a phone call to Master Cleary, the Dom he met at BDSM Camp, Brett starts hitchhiking to Cleary’s Pub for a job. A torrential rainstorm completely washes out the road leading to Galway, but though London born, the luck of the Irish is with Brett and handsome, thirty-year-old Darragh McGregor offers him a ride.

These two don’t know it yet, but they desperately need each other. Brett’s search for a Dom has left him abused and

abandoned and Darragh is lonely and longing for a sub. They run into some bumps along the road, including the reappearance of a dangerous acquaintance, but there is nothing they can’t overcome together.

BDSM CAMP by Brina Brady (Prequel to Irish Collar Series) is 99 cents until Feb. 21st. US: International:

This book is a prequel to the upcoming Irish Collar Series. It bridges the Irish Runaway Series and the Irish Collar Series.

Light BDSM, Bartender, Bouncer, Fake Doms, Real Dom, Friendship

Carolina Sky Series

Book 4 in NOW HERE

#readnow or get caught up in the series

Vampires & Rockers in one #paranormalromance

#mmromance #adventureromance

and on #kindleunlimited

Virginia’s Veracious Author Services



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