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I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the THE BOY WHO FELL FROM THE PAST by Truant D. Memphis Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!


About The Book:


Author: Truant D. Memphis

Pub. Date: November 1, 2022

Publisher: Tdm, Ink

Formats:  Paperback, eBook

Pages: 116

Find it: Goodreads

A passage. This story is a passage. A chapter from my earliest adventures. A moment in time recounting the first time I traveled through time…or something like that. I may have been dimension hopping. We’re still not certain. Anyway, I share this with you because it was also the first time (time, time, time…) I met Ezekiel and Jacob Trate, or any other member of the Trate family. I share this with you because it was the first time I met Frank. I share this with you because the whole deal was a portal full of fun (you’ll get this joke once you start reading).




About Truant D. Memphis:

Truant Delighted Memphis is an author, actor, alter-ego, fictional character, adventurer, sloppy guitar player, martial artist, husband and father. He was born and raised in Texas. An orphan, at age 16 he wandered away from his foster home on foot in search of adventure. He is married to Daffodil Fields. They have two children: Daniel Trate (adopted), and a baby girl named Peaceful Dreaming Memphis (Sweet Pea for short).

Truant began his journey to save the Multiverse a little over 10 years ago. He is an agent for the all-knowing Bob, who we think is what other people call God, though we haven’t confirmed that yet. Truant invites you to join him on his quest.

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1 winner will receive a finished copy of THE BOY WHO FELL FROM THE PAST with swag, US Only.

Ends March 11th, midnight EST.

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Excerpt: The Boy Who Fell from the Past

Shortly before dawn, Truant wakes again. Not his bladder this time. Noises. Visceral instinct commands a silent transition from sleeping to waking world. Jake rustles briefly then grows quiet again. Zeke’s left eye peeks open. A pistol slides into his lap.

Truant doesn’t want to see the gun at work. He has no interest in firearm fun or gun-toting glory or smoking steel sex appeal, or any other childish notions of “heroic” death-dealing. In the quiet, he searches for the sign, the uncommon noise that will tell him the truth. Or no sound at all, also very honest though requiring more patience.

There it is. Something touches the side of the boat. Sound and color, tinny and frightening. To the right, the other side of the boat, closer to Zeke.

A hand appears on the edge of the bow. Truant watches Zeke’s eyes. Another hand on the bow and the tension grips Truant’s throat, cutting his breath. The top of a head shows, rising slowly in silence.

Zeke’s movement is swift. Effortless. A goggled mask appears over the bow, greeted by the barrel of Zeke’s pistol. The creature lowers itself back into the water as slowly and quietly as it had risen. Truant assumes it was a man but isn’t certain.

Zeke looks at Truant and winks, then holds his finger over his mouth telling Truant to remain quiet. He draws another pistol and shouts into the oncoming morn. “I got more ‘en one in here and they’re all fast. You’ll be shot. I promise.”

“Relax. We thought it was a floater. Didn’t know you were in there. You can put those things away. We’ll be moving along.” The voice is yards from the boat and irritated. Who or whatever the voice came from continues to mutter petty invectives until out of earshot. Despite the promise of peace, Zeke waits several minutes before holstering his firearms. Then he begins to giggle… and Truant gladly joins him.

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