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The Gargoyle King By Christina Dutch Release Blitz

It is well known that gargoyles despise witches.

The Gargoyle King, an all-new dark, steamy, enemies to lovers, monster romance from debut author Christina Dutch is available now!


After years of war, Prince Ragnar Nordskov returns to Herrlof as a King. 

Vengeance rages across the land after he found his brother dead, sister exiled, and his greatest political rival attempting to usurp the throne. 

When he finally gains the upper hand, a new magical enemy appears with dark magick he has never encountered before: powers that could wipe his kind out. 

After a brutal attack he is forced to rely, what should be his greatest enemy.


It is well known that gargoyles despise witches. During the Great War, a faction of magick folk ambush the gargoyles of the north and fail. 

Now witches are killed on site in Herrlof, yet here she was. But Elisora had a mission of her own. 

Hunt the sorcerer that destroyed her home, murdered her father, and tortured her for years. Only then, could she find peace. 

But there is something about the gargoyle king. At first, she wishes to disappear after saving his life, but over time, she finds more reason to stay and fight alongside him.

Enemies are brought together because of a common enemy. But the Fates have more in store for the unlikely pair then they could ever imagine

Start reading today!


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