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UNMISTAKABLE (Seaglass Beach Series #1) by Kara Kendrick

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Seaglass Beach Series #1

by Kara Kendrick

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Release Date: March 23, 2023

Cover Design: MadHat Studios
Photographer: J. Ashley Converse Photography
Model: Dane Peterson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Trope: Best friend’s brother, forbidden love, forced proximity, playboy/good girl, small-town beach romance


I’ve been crushing on my best friend’s twin brother for—I don’t know—forever.

Parker Montgomery. The hottest f*boy in Seaglass Beach. Hell, maybe the entire state of Florida. His panty-melting charm is the stuff of legends. And I’ve seen that dazzling smile melt the resolve of more than one Southern belle. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone immune to Parker freaking Montgomery.

Including me.

He’s never so much as glanced my way, so I’ve all but given up hope on anything ever happening between us.

Until a hurricane blows through, knocking out a good portion of my tiny duplex, and suddenly I’m Parker’s new roommate. For the first time ever, things between us are heating up and feeling a lot less than platonic.

But I’m not sure I should trust the biggest playboy in town, even if he is hot as sin and far deeper than his reputation suggests. Now I’m falling in love with Parker Montgomery—and that could turn out to be the biggest mistake of my life.

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“Hey, Liv. I’m home!” I hang my tool belt up by the door, kick off my work boots, like I do every night when I come home.

But when I glance up, there’s Liv standing in the kitchen looking sexy as fuck, and all the air’s knocked straight out of my lungs. She’s wearing a tight V-neck shirt and her dark hair’s piled high on her head in some complicated topknot style. A few loose strands slip down, framing her face, her cheeks a soft shade of pink.

I shove my hand in the pocket of my jeans and casually adjust myself, hoping to conceal my instant hard-on.

“Hey. I wasn’t sure what time you’d be home, so I started cooking dinner.”

“You didn’t have to do that.”

“Seems only fair, since you cooked last night. We should probably establish some sort of system, since it’s looking like I’m going to be here awhile. I mean, if me staying here’s still alright with you?” She tips her head, biting down on her full bottom lip, and good grief, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to kiss her as badly as I do right now.

“Did you change your mind, Parker?”

“No, definitely not,” I murmur, tearing my eyes away from her mouth. “You’re good here as long as you want.”

“Great. While you were gone today, I went ahead and made up a schedule.” She takes the oven mitt off, crossing to the table and picking up a stack of papers.

Of course she made a schedule. Liv is one of the most organized, type A-plus people I know.

“The first page is a calendar for the month. I color-coded it—you’re blue, I’m red. I wasn’t sure if you have certain days you work at the bar or work late or whatever—this is flexible and subject to change, depending on work commitments.”

She hands me the calendar and I stare at the red and blue boxes, all laid-out and perfectly planned. My mouth twitches, but I don’t say anything.

“Does this work? Do you hate it?” Liv asks, her voice laced with doubt.

“No. It’s good. This is good. Smart system.” I nod, wondering how long this took her to put together.

“The next sheet is a chore chart. I don’t want to freeload, so I figure I’ll take most tasks.” She hands me the second paper and now a deep chuckle is bubbling up inside me.

“You know I have a cleaning lady, right? She comes every other Tuesday.”

“Oh. Well, that explains it…” She scrunches her nose up, tapping the side of her mouth and I step in a little closer to her.

“Explains what?”

“I figured your place would be messier is all. But someone else cleans. Tell you what—I’ll take the bathroom on the off Tuesdays and we can split the dishes.”

“Deal,” I say, stepping closer to her still.

“The next sheet is basic ground rules.” She hands me the third sheet, her thumb brushing against mine, and my cock twitches in my pants. Just to remind me he’s still there.

“Ground rules?”

“Yeah. I mean, I’m sure I’m cramping your style. Last night kind of proved that.” She twirls a stray lock of hair, leans back a little, emphasizing her chest. Damn, that shirt’s low, the swells of her breasts peeking out at me, begging me to reach out and touch. My mouth waters and I clear my throat.

“You’re not. That doesn’t usually happen. People are just on edge, with the hurricane.”

“Either way. I don’t want you to feel like I’m killing your dating life or anything. So I’m happy to leave on the weekend, or clear out anytime if you give me enough notice.”

I set the stack of papers down, then meet Liv’s wide-eyed gaze.

Her eyes are amazing, the clearest green I’ve ever seen.

I can’t take it anymore.

In two quick steps, I’m pressing up against Liv, her back against the island, my arms caging her in. We’re so close I smell the mint from her toothpaste, feel her warm breath on my face.

“I’m tired of rules, Liv,” I murmur, my eyes locked on hers.

“We don’t have to use these ones, Parker.” She licks her lips and something inside me—I don’t know if it’s logic or common sense or morality—snaps.

“Fuck the rules, Liv. For once—let’s fuck the rules.”

She inhales, a soft, breathy sound, her chest rising, and I lean in and do what I swore I’d never do in my entire life.

I kiss Olivia Drayton, right there in my kitchen.

Pressing my mouth to hers, I go in soft and slow, pausing and waiting to see if she kisses me back.

“Parker,” she breathes, her mouth hot and ready against my lips.

But instead of breaking away, stopping things before they can start between us, she crushes her lips to mine and I know right then I’m in deep fucking trouble.

And it tastes so, so good.

Copyright 2023 Kara Kendrick – All rights reserved

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About the Author

Kara Kendrick writes fun and flirty Contemporary Romance destined to give you all the feels. A reformed English major, she also has a master’s in counseling and was an elementary school counselor in her pre-mom life.

She loves the beach, wine, and rock hard abs, not necessarily in that order. When she’s not dreaming up Happily Ever After’s, you can find her chasing after her boy-girl twins, working out semi-hardish, or walking her adorable Shiba pup with her husband, who’s not too bad himself.

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