SERIES RELAUNCH! The Boulder Series by Eve L. Mitchell is available now + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!

 SERIES RELAUNCH! The Boulder Series by Eve L. Mitchell is available now + FREE to read in Kindle Unlimited!

 “Absolutely amazing and impossible to put down!!!” – Amazon reviewer “Eve L. Mitchell is a gifted writer and the Boulder Series will forever be a favorite.” – Amazon reviewer Binge read the series today ➩, sign up to review The Boulder Series is an interconnected series that explores the relationships between friends, family, and the family you choose…with some love, heat, and underground fighting along the way!The series covers tropes of forbidden romance (ex-boyfriend’s older brother), enemies-to-lovers, friends to lovers, opposites attract and second-chance love.The Boulder Series will take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. You will laugh, scream, feel the characters’ excitement, and it’s possible you may throw your e-reader (just make sure it lands somewhere soft).A complete four-book series that has all the feels. What’s stopping you from jumping into Boulder?The series includes Unbroken Devotion, Dark Heart, Unbroken Bonds and Dark Soul. Unbroken Devotion You can’t help who you love…even if it is your ex-boyfriend’s older brother. Dark Heart Nice guys finish last. Words I live by. In my world, it pays to be the bad guy…and I’m very good at being bad. Unbroken Bonds Opposites attract…and we’re complete opposites in every way.  Dark Soul There’s no rest for the wicked…or a single father.

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